Why Trade?

Finally there’s secure and efficient barter!

TradeStuff is the first platform to use blockchain technology to make barter secure using smart contracts that enforce provably fair rules in a transparent way and uses account stake as a mechanism to encourage good behavior. If a user fails to meet their obligations in a trade, account stake in the amount of the supplied stuff can be awarded to another user by a dispute resolution moderator.

No more wasting time looking for someone to trade with.

While today’s barter platforms require much time and energy from users looking for a party with a coincidence of wants (mutual desire) to trade, TradeStuff algorithms identify potential peer-to-peer-to-peer trade routes and presents trade options to users, dramatically increasing the chances of entering into trade.

TradeStuff Results

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Nicolas Negroponte, Emeritus of MIT’s Media Lab 

Nicholas Negroponte, MIT

“A parallel and more intriguing form of trade in the future will be barter… The most stunning change will be peer–to–peer, and peer–to–peer–to–peer- …”

Nicolas is quite the visionary… he saw us coming ; )

Unlock the purchasing power of your stuff–just like Kyle did with one red paperclip!

In 2005 Kyle MacDonald posted a “for trade” ad on CraigsList for one red paperclip. In a series of fourteen trades, he managed to trade up to a house, becoming a homeowner.

If Kyle can do that posting classified ads, imagine what you can do with TradeStuff’s secure and efficient barter!

Start trading stuff now in just a few simple steps…