About TradeStuff

TradeStuff started out in 2003 as a vision by our founder Cesar Diaz, of a secure and efficient barter marketplace that would allow users to acquire other stuff in the marketplace, using only the demand value of their stuff as purchasing power –without having to use money as a medium of exchange. 

In 2008, Cesar set out to develop this vision, starting out as a forum that grew to thousands of members. He quickly realized that making barter secure and efficient required the development of a system that could facilitate complex solutions, such as multilateral trades, in order to solve many of the problems affecting the practical application and mainstream adoption of barter today.

Such problems included the infamous “coincidence of wants” problem limiting trade possibilities, a lack of security requiring trust, and inefficiencies resulting from a lacking system. 

Short of the necessary resources needed to develop this vision, Cesar put the project aside to focus on a rapidly growing financial services lead generation company he founded in 2006, ultimately growing large enough to attract a buyer.

Armed with the necessary resources to take on the challenge, Cesar returned in 2018 to fulfill his vision of developing TradeStuff as a secure and efficient barter system, with a mission of empowering people around the world. 

After two years of development, TradeStuff now makes this vision a reality by introducing solutions made possible using blockchain technology, and laying the foundation for the long term vision of moving towards a more decentralized future.  More on that coming soon.  

For more details about the problems of barter and the solutions introduced by TradeStuff check out the whitepaper.

TradeStuff headquarters are located in sunny Southern California. For any questions or comments, please reach out to us at support@tradestuff.com.